What is Telematics?

Also known as black box, telematics policies offer personalised insurance based on how you drive. The Woop telematics device, which we call a 'Woop Buddy' is a clever piece of technology, that we install into your car within 14 days of the policy starting. This then provides us with information on how you drive, which is also available to you through our app. This allows us to understand you better, and gives you feedback on how to be a better and safer driver.

Will a black box/telematics device affect my premium?

Yes, but that’s not a bad thing! Telematics gives us an insight into how you drive and when we come to renew your policy, if you’re a safe driver, then your premium will reflect that. Because our app can provide you feedback as you go, you’ll have time to adjust and improve your driving, we know this works because only a small number of our policyholders see an increase when we renew their policy. Whilst we hope that you will be a safe driver, if you continuously drive dangerously, then we will cancel your policy. But don’t worry, we wont do this without giving you a chance to improve.
Once you have had your woop buddy fitted, you will be sent a link to the woop app which will give you an up to date view of how you are driving.

What information is collected?

Telematics collects information about your driving. This includes how you drive and when you do. Again, this is so we can understand you better and give you the best price we can at renewal. The information we gather means that we can reward safer drivers.

Will I be on a curfew and will I be affected if I drive a certain times of the day?

The woop buddy has no curfews and no mileage restrictions. We know that at certain times of the day, accidents are more likely to occur, but your premiums will not be affected by this.

If I speed, will you tell the police?

We don’t share any of the data that we gather with Police, unless they are investigating an incident and we are required to do so.