received an email about your policy renewal?

i’ve got an email saying that the insurance provider for woop cover is changing when my policy expires. what’s happening?
we think the time is right to work with new insurance partners so we’re migrating woop cover to our new administrator. if you took out a woop cover policy with us between 13th nov 2013 and 31st march 2015, your policy administrator is collingwood insurance services (uk) ltd.

for policyholders with policies that renew on or after 1st January 2016 we are hoping to move you to our new policy administrator, insurance factory.

i’ve got an email saying that i need to give permission for my bank details to be transferred? where are my details going and are my details safe?
If you meet the criteria of our new insurers, and to make your policy renewal as easy as possible, we are migrating policyholder details to our new administrators systems. all the data is transferred using secure methods and we are asking your express permission to move your bank details if you pay by monthly direct debit. If you give us your permission we will automatically renew your policy for you. If you pay for your policy by monthly direct debit but you don’t want your bank details to be transferred, we can still offer you a renewal, you will just need to complete a new direct debit mandate. when you receive your renewal invite, give us a call and we’ll set up the new mandate for you over the phone.

who are insurance factory?
insurance factory was established in 1974 and is part of the markerstudy group. insurance factory work with some of the largest brands in the uk (such as co-op insurance) and are a leading provider of specialist motor insurance, including telematics solutions. we think they’ve got the expertise to enable woop to bring you great young driver insurance.

are all woop customers going to be moving to insurance factory?
if you have a renewal date between 1st January 2016 and 31st March 2016 and you meet the criteria of our new insurers we will move you to our new administrator, insurance factory. if we think woop cover is no longer for you, we’ll let you know. in some circumstances, for reasons including poor driving behaviour, we may need to lapse your policy and you’ll be notified in good time.

do i need to contact the new provider to get my renewal premium?
your details have been sent to insurance factory and you’ll receive your renewal invitation a few weeks before your renewal date. (if we can’t offer you a renewal we’ll let you know in good time.)  please check all the details are correct and that the cover meets your needs. if we’ve got any details wrong or your details have changed just give us a call on 0333 999 2809 and we’ll put it right. If you pay on instalments and have given us permission we’ll auto renew your policy for you unless you tell us otherwise. If you paid for your policy in full last year, give us a call to renew your policy.

what do i do if i haven’t received my renewal invitation?
If your renewal is due within the next 14 days, give us a call on 0333 999 2809, otherwise sit tight and we’ll get your renewal price to you really soon.

will collingwood still hold my data after transferring to insurance factory?
collingwood insurance services (uk) ltd will securely archive your information (as they are required to do by law) in accordance with their records retention policy. if you have an open claim with collingwood, they will continue to use your information to settle your claim.

are there any changes to my policy terms and conditions?
we’ve tried to keep things the same wherever we can, but we have changed the providers of any optional extra products that you have, like breakdown cover. all the details of your policy changes are included in the significant differences document within your renewal invitation. you can view them here too at if you still have questions, give us a call on 0333 999 2809 or drop us a note to

i had personal accident cover on my policy last year, why can’t i have it this year?
we’ve added personal accident benefits to the core motor insurance policy so all our woop cover customers can benefit from the cover it offers. you can find out the benefits and limits of cover on your schedule.

i added a legal expenses product to my policy last year but i can’t see it on my schedule.
we’ve added the legal expenses product to the core motor insurance policy so all our woop cover customers can benefit from the cover it offers. there’s no need to add the cover because if you renew your policy with us, you’ll get anyway. you can view the benefits and limits of cover on your schedule.

will my monthly payments be with the same company (premium credit limited - pcl)?
if you have a credit agreement for your monthly payments with premium credit limited (pcl), this will remain in place (as long as you gave us permission to transfer your details). the amount you pay each month may change when you renew your policy, but you’ll find all the details on your renewal invitation.

are all the fees and charges the same as before?
please read the significant differences document contained in your renewal pack for details of any changes we’ve made to fees and charges. you can view it here too

will my no claims bonus/discount be carried over to the new provider?
yes, we’ve transferred all your policy details to our new system and we’ll use these and your woop buddy driving data to generate your renewal premium. if you think we’ve got something wrong when you receive your renewal invitation then just let us know and we’ll put it right.

what happens if i am in the middle of a claim?
your current administrator, collingwood insurance services (uk) ltd, will continue to deal with your claim until it is closed. you should contact them as usual on 0345 370 0008. once your policy has renewed, you can let us know about any new claims, just call us on 0333 323 4484.
will i need a new telematics box?
no, woop cover continues to be powered by TomTom so there is no need to change your woop buddy (unless you change your car). you will still be able to access all your driving data via the woop buddy app.

i am owed a refund on my previous policy, how will I get this? 
collingwood insurance services (uk) ltd continue to be responsible for all policy refunds prior to your policy renewal date. please contact them on 0345 470 0031 with your current policy number.

can i still see my documents online?
yes. we’ve posted your renewal invitation this year to make sure that you get it and are clearly notified of any changes that have been made to your policy. you’ll still be able to see your documents online though, all the details and the link you’ll need are contained in your renewal pack.

my documents look different to last year. why?
because we’ve changed the administrators of woop cover, your documents are now generated by insurance factory. we hope you like the new layout, but if you have any questions let us know.

will my policy number change?
yes, we will give you a new policy number when you renew your policy, but we’ll have your old policy number on file should you need to refer to it.

why have the opening hours changed?
the call centre of our new policy administrator, insurance factory, is open for longer, we hope you find these additional opening hours convenient. previously you could call us mon – fri 9am to 7pm or Sat 9am to 1pm. you can now get hold of us mon – fri 8am to 8pm and sat 9am to 2pm.

what do i do if i still have questions?
you can contact us on 0333 999 2809 (opening hours mon – fri 8am – 8pm and sat 9am – 2pm or email us at