Woop app available

Woop app available

answer this: how many of your mates keep an eye on your safety and save you money? not many i’ll bet, in which case we’d like to introduce you to the only mate you will ever need!

we’ve launched a brilliant new smartphone app that helps you keep an eye on the way you drive and rewards you for good driving. and no, don’t worry, it won’t penalize you for bad driving - it will just send you simple little hints to get your driving back on track.

so the mechanics are simple: drive well, get rewarded. drive badly, get tips on how to get better, to get rewarded. it’s that easy, and it takes seconds to download once your insurance policy with us is up and running.

​woop app features

on top of this it’s got a really cool feature that no driver should be without, and it concerns your safety, so listen up (or get a parent to read this bit). do you lie awake at night ever worry about what you would do if you (or for parents, your kid’s) were on your (their) own in the car and had an accident? probably not, but it is definitely something that you should think about. who would you call? what if you are knocked out and no-one even knows you have crashed? ok that’s enough scaremongering, but seriously; what would you do?

well now you have less needn’t worry - our app will notify us at hq if you have a serious crash and we will call you immediately to check you are safe. we’ll also be on hand straight away to offer support, call the doc or sort out all of the details. useful? yeah we thought so.

so there’s nothing to stop you downloading our app and turning your smartphone into the best mate you will ever have. it takes seconds to download and could earn you some tasty little perks for getting on the road – and more importantly, for being safe on the road.

Android: http://bit.ly/1WLv9qh

Apple: http://apple.co/1VUXARm