Bank Holiday

Bank Holiday
bank holiday will soon be upon us and whether you have time off from studies or work, or you are looking for a release from your hectic lifestyle, then here are some cracking adventures you can get yourself tangled up in this weekend.
Road trip
If you are a new driver and dying to get a few mates together on a road trip, then heading to Wales is a good bet. Throw a few tents into the car, pack a coat (because even at this time of year you are bound to need one) and head to the countryside. Wales is renowned for adventure holidays, and one of the coolest ones at the moment is zip lining. Become a human rocket attached to a line suspended mid-air over mountains and sheep? Yes please.
Go to the beach
That’s it really – just go to the beach. Find out where your nearest bit of sand is, pack a lunch, pack a football and head off. There is ALWAYS something going on at the beach and even if you end up chilling out all day eating ice cream and chatting with mates, that’s a day well spent in our book.
Buy tickets
If the weather ends up being a shocker, then give yourself something to look forward to and book some tickets for something coming up soon. If you have always wanted to go to a festival, then do it – book that ticket. If you want to watch an F1 race, then do it. Look on websites such as to see what freebies and money-off vouchers you can get your hands on.
Go karting
It doesn’t matter how many of you go indoor karting, it is always a blast. One of the best ways to spend a few hours scratching that speed itch and having an adrenaline rush of action. There are tracks all over the country so you can find your local one via a 10 second Google search, and loads have bars, cafes and all the facilities you need to make a day of it.
Pimp your car
Ok, not literally, but half term is a great time to give your car the once over. Washing your car isn’t just to make it look nice - it’s to stop the dreaded rust eating away at your beloved car - so get washing under those wheel arches! Checking your ‘lights and levels’ is a good habit to get into, so testing your lights, dipping the oil, filling the washer bottle, checking the tyre tread and giving your wipers the once over, are all simple tasks that you can do at home.
Sup up
If you are on the look out for beer this week then what better way to drink it than at a beer festival. There are literally hundreds of real ale, cider and UK beer festivals on this week, so look out for your local one and invite family and friends to an epic tasting session of some of the UK’s best brews.
Needless to say – don’t drive home!